The Home Depot Bucket Stool

1Earlier this week, a restaurant owner in Chicago hit me up and needed 6 simple bar stools ASAP. So I headed over to The Home Depot and perused the aisles for inspiration. That’s how The Home Depot Bucket Stool was born. Here’s how I did it:

21. Get supplies at The Home Depot
• 5-gallon orange buckets ( great because of their rounded smooth inside )
• Quikrete 5000 concrete mix
• Stool legs of your choice ( I used dowel rods & rebar – see pictures )
• Light grit sandpaper

2a2. Cut your stool legs to length
If you get a 48 inch dowel rod from The Home Depot, you can easily cut it in thirds and make 16-inch legs.

I made two stools: one short (16 inch step stool) and one long (24-inch rebar stool). For the tall stool, I used a 4-foot piece of rebar and heated the middle with a torch to bend for extra strong hold inside the concrete. Then, I welded tabs to the top of each leg.

3 4 5 63. Mix the concrete
Add 3-4 inches of Quikrete 5000 into each bucket ( one bucket = one stool ). Add water and stir. As a precaution, I always mix in a little bit of water at a time so I don’t accidentally add too much.

74. Remove air bubbles
Once you have fully mixed your concrete, you can use one of the extra wood rods to tap around the sides of the bucket to get the air bubbles out. Another good way to achieve this is to use an orbital sander upside down on the sides of the bucket to make a vibrations, which will bring air bubbles to the top.

85. Add legs to the concrete
Place your stool legs into the concrete, making sure the legs look level and evenly spaced.

96. Allow to cure
Wait at least 18-20 hours before attempting to remove the stool. The best way to remove the stool is flexing the top of the bucket until it breaks free. Then you should be able to easily lift out the stool.

107. Sand to finish (optional)
If desired, you can take a light grit sandpaper and smooth the bottom edge of the stool. Or just leave it raw.

11If you’re feeling brave, try making this at home. Or, for a precise stool made from twisted rebar, I am selling mine for $99 each. All you have to do is email me how tall you want them HERE

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Video of the process: